DEADHORSE, ALASKA is the northern-most point you can  drive  to in the USA. This was the first part of our summer, 2016.

DEADHORSE, ALASKA is the northern-most point you can drive to in the USA. This was the first part of our summer, 2016.

We first met over 25 years ago when we were both young and married to other people. In 2011, we found each other at the right time. Discovering we both had an interest in photography, we started our relationship with a three hour walk on the beach, snapping photos, laughing and just being friends. That was the beginning of something wonderful.

We've spent the past years traveling, adventuring and laughing together. We were married in 2014, and are constantly challenging ourselves to do what we love. And what we love is meeting new people, and seeing what's around the next bend in the road. 

Cindy (aka "Lou") has lead an eclectic life, much of which has centered around teaching in one capacity or another. She homeschooled her own kids for five years, along the way becoming a successful swim coach. She coached for ten years, working with kids ages 5 thru 18, with both developing athletes and those who competed at the National level. She prided herself on the relationships she fostered with all the kids she coached, teaching kids that integrity is just as, if not more important than, athletic prowess. She still teaches private lessons on occasion; her clients call her the "Swim Whisperer." 

Following a lifelong goal, in 2016 she finished a Master's degree in creative writing, focused on memoir and a hybrid form of documentary. Along the way she taught English 101 at Western Washington University for two years, trading a pool deck for a classroom, and once again loving the connection with students. Documentary photography emerged as an interest while writing her thesis, a combination of photography and prose poetry titled "A Certain Exposure."

Photo credit  Emily Lint

Photo credit Emily Lint

Mike retired from the US Army in 2010 after twenty-one years service. His integrity as an NCO and his comedic personal style earned him both respect and fraternity, and his travels frequently offered unique opportunities for photography. 

After some time in the private sector, Mike decided he wanted to pursue photography officially, and in 2016 completed an Associate's in Fine Arts degree through Everett Community College's photography program. His passion for the craft and his commitment to his work resulted in amazing relationships with both faculty and fellow students, and the position of Visuals Editor for the school's newspaper for 2015. You can see more of Mike's work from his AFA on his website

We are adventurous souls and our perspectives differ from one another, so teaming up has been an amazing experience. We compliment each other, and together we feel like we can tackle anything! Our next big goal is to build a tiny house, find a piece of property in Whatcom county, and start gathering our tribe around us. We want to have a community garden and, in spite of Cindy's fears, CHICKENS!!